Kitchen Remodels

Our kitchen remodels concentrate both on the attractiveness and functionality of your kitchen to make sure that everything is perfect from top to bottom. Available all the way from assisting with design to putting the final touches on your kitchen, we'll guide every step of the process, from sourcing fixtures and appliances at the right price to adding custom-built cabinets and trim work that makes your kitchen stand out from the crowd. 

We understand that budget is always a concern, and for that reason, we'll always search deep to find the best deals possible. Keeping your costs low while providing the best bang for your buck is what we do.

Bath Remodels

For any bathroom remodel, a Konstrukt Savannah specialist will visit your home to not only see the room, but also to hear what problems you're looking to solve with the renovation. Better showers, toilets, and sinks are common concerns, but we'll also look for other ways to provide big improvements, such as bathroom lighting, flooring, and organizing fixtures to maximize the usable space. Our team of experts will work around your schedule to make as little an imposition as possible. While on the job, we'll work effectively to ensure that the bathroom renovation goes quickly without sacrificing quality and get your bathroom back to full functionality.



Whether your Savannah home is old or new, expanding with a new addition can help maximize your space and bring a healthy dose of extra room. However, building additions can be a tricky business, especially when considering all the licenses and permits needed. At Konstrukt Savannah, we'll handle every aspect of your new addition, including the paperwork.

If you're like others in Savannah that have tried going it on your own with a DIY home addition such as a garage, office, or covered patio, then you probably know how difficult the project can be. With Konstrukt Savannah by your side, we'll make short work of your new addition and have it ready to use in no time.


Custom Carpentry

At Konstrukt Savannah, we have a team of highly trained experts with the skills to bring any concept to life. Got a fun project in mind? We'll work with you every step of the way to turn that vision into a reality. Whether you have any inspiration images, fully completed drawings, or nothing more than an idea in your head, Konstrukt Savannah will help fill in the missing pieces and build something that makes you proud. We can build custom furniture sets, built-ins, playhouses for children, beautiful backyard tree houses, or whatever exciting idea you bring to us next. Konstrukt Savannah is eagerly awaiting your call. Contact us to get the conversation started today.

Residential Construction

For a home construction that you'll love, there's no substitute for genuine craftmanship. We don't cut corners or compromise on the standards for your home and you can rest assured that only strong and durable materials will be used during the construction. We're a full-service construction company, which means that we'll be able to not only build your home, but also provide details like custom cabinetry, countertops, and other features that will make your home unique. Regardless of whether you're building a cozy cottage or a sprawling mansion, you'll be able to see the top shelf quality that Konstrukt Savannah delivers.